Feelin' Hot

Summer is right around the corner, but the warmer temps have already arrived! Instead of letting the heat prevent you from being active outdoors (whether its hanging with your Moxie Mamas, playing with friends at the park, or spending the afternoon walking around a theme park) be sure to check out these tips to ensure a fit, fun, and safe summer!

  • Before you head outdoors, it is important to understand the conditions you will be out in. While being out in the heat is miserable enough, adding in humidity makes it worse. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in air and when there is a lot of it, the sweat coming from our bodies (necessary so that the heat can leave with it) is not able to evaporate as easily. This then makes it harder for our body to cool itself effectively & regulate body temperature.  This is the chart we use to determine if the conditions are safe to hold class outdoors.

  • It is also important to note that if your body is not used to working out in warmer temps, it will take some time for your body to acclimate. As you become acclimated, slowly increase the length and intensity of your workouts.

  • Once you know your conditions, you’ll need to know how to dress properly. Light (both in weight and color as white reflects heat better than other colors), performance, or dry-fit clothing are optimal.

  • Before, during, and after your activity, be sure to stay hydrated! In addition to the “urine test”, you can measure how much fluid you are losing by weighing yourself right before and right after your activity. If you know you are a salty sweater (as indicated by residue on your body & clothes), it is recommended you have eat a salty snack or consume an electrolyte drink prior to your activity. I am a salty sweater and have had success with salt pills, but be sure to consult with your physician before trying any supplements.

  • Don’t forget the extras: sunscreen, sunglasses, hat fuel, etc. For fuel, I like to keep almonds, dried fruit (no sugar added), or granola bars handy in case I start feeling dizzy.  And when I remember to pack it, I love bringing a cooling towel like this one with some peppermint essential oil spritzed on it!

Kayla Torres