Tips to Stay on Track With Your Goals

February is an exciting month! It’s the month that represents Black History Month, the Super Bowl (i.e. fun commercials), hues of reds & pinks, chocolates, cards, & candy, but it also represents something less popular: the dissolution of many new year’s resolutions.

According to statistics, 80% of people abandon their new year’s goals by the 2nd week of February! Why do you think that is? My guess is most go into the new year with a list versus a plan -without specific actions they need to take to achieve their goals. Want to know one of the most common goals? Get healthier.

As a mom of two active boys, I totally understand that LIFE happens. Between busy schedules, being on the go non-stop, & picky eaters it becomes very easy to make the not-so-healthiest choices. So to help us all stay on track and avoid becoming another statistic, I polled our members and these were the most common ways we stay on track with our health:

Use a Fitness Tracker

While we all know there is a margin of error and nothing is 100% accurate, there is something about seeing those little rings close, participating in a friendly step competition, or (if you’re a numbers nerd like me) just seeing your data each week that helps you stay accountable to YOURSELF.

Keep a Schedule

Plan your meals around your workout & family activities for the week. If you know that from 9:30-10:30am every MWF you have your workout, you know you need to make sure you need to plan your meals accordingly (whether its a hearty dinner the night before or a healthy breakfast to fuel you up), you’ll be good to go. Plan your snacks as well so you aren’t tempted to go for your kid’s snacks. If you know you have baseball practice on Tuesday night, pick a healthy meal that is quick, easy, and transportable (if needed). Setting a meal plan for the week will also help with your grocery budget ;) In addition to making sure you are fueling properly, having a schedule will keep you accountable (notice a pattern here?) with your fitness goals. Want to sleep better & feel more energized? Schedule your workouts & don’t cancel on yourself! Here is a template that I use when creating my weekly workout schedule & meal plan (I also hyperlink the recipes so when I go to make the meal, I’m not spending time searching for it on the web).

Other Tools

Because nutrition is where a lot of us can backslide, here are some tools to make life a little easier.

Silicone Muffin Pans. How many times have you thought “hmm, I’ll make some veggie omelette muffins so breakfast is already made for the week” but then realize what a pain it is to clean your muffin tin and therefore avoid making it at all. Or is that just me? At any rate, time is money and money is time, so the less time I have to spend cleaning something, the better.

Speaking of clean up, these crock pot liners make life SOOO much easier! I love using my crockpot or instapot when making soups or shredded chicken for the week, but again, hate the clean up. And yes, I know it can create more waste, BUT for those days you are short on time, these come in handy.

For those days you need to have a meal on the go, or if you just happen to find some extra time to meal prep and don’t like your food to touch, these food containers are great!

I know you’re probably tired of hearing this, but STAY HYDRATED! Invest in a solid water bottle or tumbler that can hold a good sized volume of water (to avoid the excuse of “oh I forgot to refill it”). I love my Yeti because it keeps it cool, but if temperature isn’t a huge deal to you, this jug is perfect to travel with - plus it comes in fun colors and provides some extra motivation ;)

For those of you that have your nutrition on lock, but are just getting into a new fitness routine, here is a handy tool that will aide in your recovery. When your muscles are feeling the previous day’s workout and you’re not sure how you can make it through another one, give those muscles some lovin’ with self-myofascial release using a foam roller.  After a few minutes of foam rolling torture…I mean recovery, I like to lather on some Deep Blue Rub to help rejuvenate those sore muscles.

Hopefully these tools help you, but if you have any that weren’t mentioned, please feel free to share. We’re in this together!

Kayla TorresComment